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Your Orange Specialist experience just
went from great to greater-er.

We’ve rethought

our entire Orange

Specialist strategy

to better fit your

church size and

age group.

More personalized support for your unique needs.

The bicycle to the airplane. The flip phone to the iPhone. Beyoncé in Destiny’s Child to just Beyoncé. What do all of these things have in common? They represent things that started off great but were somehow made even better. They went from great, to greater-er.

Our Orange Specialist team has an announcement. We’re taking the great support that our partners like you are used to getting from us, and making it even greater-er.

This year, not only will you have a Specialist that supports the life-stage of ministry that you represent, (preschool, elementary, middle, or high school ministry), but your Orange Specialist will have eaten, slept and breathed that same phase of ministry that you are in.

Whether your church has 250 regular attendees, or 25,000, each Specialist on our team will be supporting churches in your specific size range so we understand the day to day reality that you’re living in, and can apply that knowledge to provide you with the best experience possible – all with the help of our curriculum and resources. We’re as excited about this as we are the new iPhone reveal!

So you may be thinking, will my Orange Specialist remain the same? In some cases, yes. And in some cases, no. But, the amount of customized networking and training that you will be getting with other leaders in situations just like yours will be totally worth it. Plus, you don’t have to break-up with your old Specialist really. We’re just re-defining your relationship.

We can’t wait to share in this new experience with you! It’s gonna be the best thing since sliced bread, but you know, great-er-er. Let’s do this!


As soon as you sign up for a curriculum license, you are assigned an Orange Specialist based on your location & size to partner with you.

What does it look like to partner with your OS? I’m glad you asked. We break it down into 3 simple words: Connect, Customize and Coach.

The first one is Connect. The truth is, one of the main things we strive to do is just to know you and your ministry context. We don’t want to just be your curriculum provider. We want to partner with you in bigger ways than that & knowing you enhances this partnership.

Another thing we like to do is to help you customize your orange curriculum. We want you to take Orange curriculum and make it fit your context. There are so many tips your OS can share with you on how to best think Orange where you are.

Last but not least, our team is passionate about Coaching you through whatever ministry challenges you might be facing. Every Specialist on our team has extensive family ministry experience, plus we have each helped hundreds of leaders just like you.

Whether its troubleshooting systems issues, brainstorming recruiting strategies or helping you formulate ways to cast vision about change to your senior pastor, we are here to help you develop a plan to take your best next step.

If you haven’t connected with your OS, we’d love for you to. All you need to do is click on “find your OS” and we’ll take it from there.

We are in it for the long haul to help your ministry win & to celebrate with you when you do!  We look forward to connecting with you soon and helping you out along the way.