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Your Kid's Specialist is...

Your Orange Specialist is Misty Phillips

Misty has been an Orange Specialist and Orange Coach for 8 years. She can't think of anything more rewarding than helping leaders win and build a great ministry. She’s been in your shoes... leading ministry to kids and families for 25+ years. She thrives on encouraging others, the STL Cardinals and lots of coffee.

Email me at misty@THINKORANGE.com

Your Student Ministry Specialist is..
”> Your Student’s Orange Specialist is Brett Talley.

Brett Talley has been an XP3 Orange Specialist since the summer of 2016. He spent the previous 11 years in full time ministry as a Youth Pastor and a NextGen Pastor. He loves thinking strategically about ministry and developing systems that create long term, sustainable wins. Brett loves golf & makes amazing turkey melt sandwiches (if he has the right ingredients, otherwise they’re just mediocre).

Email me at Brett@THINKORANGE.com
Your Kid's Specialist is...
Your kid’s Orange Specialist is Gay Tucciarone. Gay has been an Orange Specialist for 4 and a half years. She loves connecting with preschool and elementary leaders to hear about their wins and challenges in children’s ministry. Gay spends most of her weekends researching how to have fun with her 6 grandchildren! Please email me right now so we can connect. Email me at Gay@THINKORANGE.com
Your Student Ministry Specialist is..
Your student Orange Specialist is Charlie Conder. Charlie grew up in rural Illinois but has been living in metro Atlanta, GA for the past 14 years. She lives with her wildly talented husband Eric, her sometimes snarky but loveable daughter and her three pups. She has been working with students for nearly 20 years in educational and ministry settings. For the last 12 years she has had the privilege of serving as the middle school youth pastor in a thriving Methodist church in the Metro Atlanta area.
Please email me right now so we can connect. Email me at charile@THINKORANGE.com
Your Kid's Specialist is...
Your kid’s Orange Specialist is Abbey Carr.

Abbey Carr has been an Elementary Orange Specialist for 5 years. She has been involved in children's ministry for 14 years and loves hearing about all of the amazing things children's leaders are doing to innovate and make elementary kids fall in love with church. Abbey loves laughing, hanging out with friends and family, eating Thai food and watching documentaries.

Please email me right now so we can connect. Email me at Abbey@THINKORANGE.com

Your Kid's Specialist is...
Your kid’s Orange Specialist is Missy Purcell. Missy has been working with children for nearly 20 years in both education and ministry. For the last 9 years, she has led the preschool and children’s ministry at a large multi-site church in Metro Atlanta area. Missy loves helping leaders strategize, cast big vision and recruit and retain volunteers who love owning the faith of their few. When she’s not drinking coffee or catching up with friends, Missy can be found hanging out with her husband and three boys at the local ballpark.

Please email me right now so we can connect. Email me at missy@THINKORANGE.com
Your Married People Specialist is...

Your Married People Orange Specialist is MATT IVY.

MATT has been a MarriedPeople Orange Specialist since Fall 2012. He's is passionate about helping church leaders help marriages within their church and communities. Matt loves a good cup of coffee, conversations with friends, and during his down time watching movies and grilling.

Email me at MATT@THINKORANGE.com

Your Weekly Orange Specialist is..
Bre Hallberg
”> alt="" width="100" height="100" /> Your Weekly Orange Specialist is Bre Hallberg.

Email me at Bre@THINKORANGE.com

Your Orange Specialist is..
Your Orange Specialist is Amy Grisham

Amy has served for over 20 years in children's and family ministry in both volunteer and staff capacities. In her years in ministry, she has had the opportunity to serve in a variety of churches-from a small church plant to a large, established church-but always implementing ORANGE! Amy has worked with Orange for almost 11 years, serving leaders as they implement the Orange Strategy. She loves sharing with leaders what she has learned through her years in ministry.
Amy’s husband, Powell, is Lead Pastor at a church in Chattanooga TN where they live with their two sons, Stanton (18) and Whitaker (17).

Email me at amy@THINKORANGE.com